Sunday 26 December 2021


Even though I am enjoying a quieter festive season this year, there was still no escaping the gradual build up and and general anticipation. Therefore, my post Christmas slump has landed much earlier than I expected. I've felt exhausted today. Rather than over indulgence, I think it probably has more to do with  having almost reached the end of another chaotic year in survival mode, and now I have finally allowed myself to relax. 

I'm not complaining, however. I've had a lovely Christmas and have spent much of today relaxing and doing very little. There aren't many days in the year when I can actually achieve this. 

We did manage to get out for a gentle walk this afternoon. The weather was a little wetter than had been forecast, so we cut it a little short and went through the woods, instead of up and over the hill. This is one of my favourite routes, as it is little known there, and usually very quiet, although today it was incredibly muddy underfoot. We had to be very careful not to slip. We took a slight detour from the main path to visit a very old Yew tree, which is said to be around 1600 years old! It looks remarkably well,  considering. 

As well as being damp, the weather was very cold, and so we didn't hang around for very long. Returning home, I was quick to warm up again with a mug of hot chocolate, and I also put my Christmas present of some slippers to good use. They are the cosiest pair I've ever owned.

This evening, my Boxing Day tradition of Biryani was much appreciated, and my day was rounded off with a small glass of Baileys. I might have to have a sort out in the kitchen tomorrow, as with all the generous gifts I've been given, it curently resembles a small off licence!

J. X