Tuesday 13 December 2022



You might not think it from looking at this photograph, but Boo has not yet attempted to climb up the Christmas tree. He will occasionally take a gentle swipe at a bauble or two but has, so far, allowed all of the other decorations to remain untouched. I think I will keep him ;)

Christmas is gradually building to a low simmer here, and yet I am still not feeling quite in the festive mood. I've managed to buy all but one of my gifts (As always, I'm trying not to think about the wrapping!), I've written all of my cards, and yet somehow it all seems a little flat this year. I don't expect the current climate is doing anything to help the situation, and I have noticed the stores here are already running down their Christmas supplies. 

I realise that with working longer hours, I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to prepare this year. Something to address another time perhaps. Then again, I'm probably expecting too much of myself as well. After all, I am very good at that :)

It is my work's Christmas 'do' this weekend, and to mark the occasion I have treated myself to something new to wear, that is neither practical nor outdoorsy! Two dresses arrived yesterday.  Yes, two! The first one I ordered went missing in the mail, and so I ordered myself another. Of course, the first one eventually turned up, albeit two weeks later than it should have. Now, they are quite similar in style and I really like them both. So, I just need to decide. Do I go with sparkles or sequins?

J. X