Sunday 18 December 2022

December Weekend


I never meant to miss posting over the last couple of days. In fact, I had also hoped to spend some time catching up with a bit of blog reading, it's just that I've hardly stopped. 


Friday passed by in a blur, filled with Christmas Carols, tiny Angels, Kings, and Shepherds. Then in the evening, I attended my work's Christmas party, which was a lot of fun, and everyone had such a great time. I went with the sequined dress in the end, and I am happy to say it received several compliments. It actually felt good to dress up and make a bit of an effort for once. The dress was a lovely fit, and with it being a little bit stretchy, felt very comfortable to wear, even after I had helped myself to a generous plateful (or two) of food from the buffet :)

The following morning, I was delighted to discover that it had snowed again overnight. It looked ever so pretty, although getting about proved to be difficult. Even so, it was a very festive morning I spent in the town, finishing off my Christmas gift shopping. There was a brass band playing, carol singers, and of course a beautiful snowy backdrop. Better still, I managed to get everything I wanted, and a bit more besides. A box of mince pies somehow found their way into my shopping bag :) 
In the afternoon, I put together our Christmas Crackers. My gift isn't going to be much of a surprise, but I made sure I didn't read any of the jokes before placing them inside. Making them was probably an added hassle I could have done without (noted) but it was quite nice to add some more personal touches to each one, and they are going to look lovely on our Christmas table.

Today I finally got around to drying some orange slices to hang on the tree. I've done this for several years now, and I love how they look against the glow of the fairy lights. I've also strained the Winter Spice Vodka, which had been steeping in a large kilner jar at the back of the kitchen cupboard, since the end of August. I might have enjoyed a small glassful this evening - all in the interests of quality control, of course

In between, I have wrapped and delivered a few more presents, I've eaten more mince pies than can be considered a reasonable amount, and I've thought about the possibility of not doing Christmas at all next year,  but going on holiday instead!*

J. X

*Only joking. Lily would never allow it :)