Sunday 14 July 2019

Welcoming Summer

The end of the school year is almost upon us and, as usual, I am fighting a constant struggle between structured days and winding down for the summer break. It really didn't help that Lily returned home last Friday with her P.E. bag, school report and wellies. My brain has already begun switching to holiday mode and yet we still have three more days of school to go!
As you can imagine, we've had a busy couple of weeks here with so much going on, but with the arrival of warmer weather and anticipation of the holidays, life has taken on a definite summer vibe.

In the garden the cabbages, kale and cauliflowers are growing at an alarming rate - they're huge! I didn't realise just how much growing room they required and I may need to remove one or two. The strawberries are all gone now, the last remaining few were used to make strawberry jam, but they were absolutely delicious while they lasted and the best crop I've managed to produce so far. The sunflowers are enjoying the warmer weather and I keep needing to fasten them higher up the canes to keep them steady and every time I step out of the back door I am greeted with the delightful sweet scent of the sweet peas.

Last week Lily took part in her school's summer show. She played the part of a bee and danced brilliantly. All the children put on an amazing performance, remembering all the songs and actions and, most importantly, appeared to really enjoy themselves.

Out and about our short walks are taking longer than usual. With raspberries beginning to ripen to the sides of the paths, Lily cannot resist helping herself to the small but deliciously sweet fruits. I'm sure she managed at least one of her five a day as we walked through the woods yesterday. The track through the wildflowers was home to so many butterflies and although she tried really hard, Lily didn't manage to catch one. As she runs off ahead of me it's clear to see she is getting so tall. Growing up fast, she now even has her first wobbly tooth!

J. X