Monday 14 December 2020

Eleven Sleeps

Anticipation has increased here these last few days. Lily's excitement levels are rising, while I'm just clinging on until the last day of term. 

I walked to work this morning. I didn't relish the thought of peddling my bike against the gusty wind and rain. When the weather conditions leave a lot to be desired, I'm far better off on two legs rather than two wheels. Unfortunately, it didn't improve much as the day went on either.  

With each passing day, more and more Christmas cards have been arriving through the letter box. I love to send and receive cards, a tradition which seems to have fallen out of favour with many in recent years. When I was younger I used to think nothing of sending cards to almost everyone I knew, with little thought as to why I was actually doing it. These days, I write fewer cards, but I like to think they are sent with genuine good wishes and affection towards the recipient, especially this year.  

After helping Lily with her cards yesterday - I was put in charge of envelopes ☺ - it occurred to me that I really should get on with writing my own. And so, this evening, I spent a couple of hours working through my list of friends and colleagues to whom I like to send my heartfelt Christmas wishes.  

I had several designs of cards to choose from but they all featured the same thing - a snowy festive scene. There are some which I need to post, some to deliver myself, and the rest I will hand to the recipient personally.

Do you still like to send Christmas cards?

J. X