Friday 17 September 2021

As Summer Slips Away

I can't quite believe we're halfway through the month already. I feel as though I've spent most of my time adjusting to a new routine and getting my head around the change to my working hours. Usually, I am more than ready to get back to it once September arrives, but this year not so much :) I don't really know why this should be the case. Perhaps it is because I enjoyed such a lovely summer (all considered) and I'm reluctant to let go of it all too soon. Anyway, I am certain this will be different once the weather turns cooler and the more autumnal days are upon us. 

Just as last year's walk up Hallin Fell seemed to mark the end of our summer break, this year it was a final swim in the outdoor pool on the day it closed for the season. It won't be open now until next May, which feels like a long way off at the moment but will, no doubt, be upon us before we know it.

The freezer is now filled with blackberries and elderberries. These have been foraged from the nearby hedgerows and when I have some spare time I will be making compote, which I will enjoy spooned onto my porridge for breakfast each morning. Washing and sorting the berries can be a tedious job but they are delicious, and here they readily available for the picking. In fact, I think I might go and gather some more elderberries this weekend, so I will have enough to last me through the winter. As usual, I've also used some of the blackberries to make my Blackberry Vodka.

Last weekend we enjoyed a walk up to High Seat near Thirlmere. It was a relatively short walk so I was able to try out my new (and rather fabulous 😁) walking boots. I had expected the day to be a bit more overcast, but it turned out to be quite bright in the end. My boots, which I thought might have rubbed, were actually very comfortable. I was a bit concerned with them being brand new and I am also much more used to a lighter weight boot, that I put my trainers and some plasters in my rucksack just in case. Thankfully I didn't need either.

It was a lovely walk up through the trees and the ground wasn't anywhere near as boggy as I had been warned, although this was probably down to the long spell of dry weather we've been experiencing. From these photographs, you can easily see the low water levels in the reservoir. The air was completely still - not a breath of wind at times - so it was quite peaceful up there. We enjoyed our lunch at the summit with views towards Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite beyond, before taking in the lower summits of High Tove and Armboth Fell on our return to the car.

J. X