Sunday 20 November 2022

Colours of Autumn


November is hurrying by, and I haven't been in this space as much as I would have liked. Not that I have much to report - my days have been rather ordinary. 

Mog and Boo are getting more and more used to their shared living arrangement. Unfortunately, it seemed that when I rescued Boo, I also 'rescued' a virus, and although Boo was completely asymptomatic, it did result in a trip to the vets for Mog. She is totally fine now, of course. In fact, she appears even more playful than she was before, and my mornings have become much more lively :) 

Speaking of viruses, I was a little unwell myself last week. It wasn't serious, and fortunately it didn't stop me from getting out and enjoying a gentle walk in a fleeting moment of autumn sunshine. And thank goodness I did, the weather so far this month has been pretty dismal. I'm certain Novembers never used to be so dreary. I have memories of far more bright autumn days and clear blue skies, but perhaps, in reality, they were always damp and grey. 

I've been resting as much as I have been able, and have spent some time crocheting the blanket for my friend. I really need to start making more progress soon, before her baby arrives!


The vibrant greens of summer have given way to pale golden grasses and the bracken, which covers the fell side, has become a rich russet brown, gradually retreating and revealing tracks often hidden during the summer months.

My thoughts are now turning towards the end of year :)  Now that my working hours have increased, I have been feeling more concerned than usual as to how I am going to find enough time to organise everything, but I am reminding myself what is really important. For me, this year it will mean sending a few cards, exchanging some small gifts, and an appreciation for the warmth and joy of the season. This year, more than ever, will be especially difficult for so many. 

Today, we are forecast snow up on the higher fells. Winter is on it's way.

J. X