Tuesday 5 December 2023

Tree Decorating


Thankfully, I woke this morning to find that most of the snow had thawed overnight, leaving the roads clear once again. The garden is still looking rather white, however, and as the temperatures are forecast to drop below freezing tonight, I expect there will be some patches of ice to contend with tomorrow. 

It has been a beautiful day. The sun shone and the sky was blue. I managed to find time to hand deliver several of my Christmas cards this morning, and I took another handful to the Post Office, feeling quite pleased with myself for being much more organised this year. 

At work this afternoon , myself and a colleague were given the wonderful task of decorating the tree. It was a lot of fun to do, especially as it is a real tree, and this year it is a respectable size. I spent a lot of time up a ladder in order to reach the higher branches, but even then I still struggled to get the star on the very top. Luckily I have fairly long arms and a blatant disregard  for my own personal safety :)

I'm looking forward to decorating our own tree, although I'm undecided as to whether it should be done before the weekend or early next week, by which time we should have a new ornament for it. The small kitchen tree is already looking lovely, decorated with bells and stars.

Oh, and I promised an updated photograph of the wreath with the holly added. I definitely prefer it with the red berries.

J. X