Thursday 28 December 2023

The In-Between Days

It's been another quiet day, spent indoors. While the rain, once again, lashed at the windows, I busied myself with tidying the house and attempting to restore some sort of order, now that the festivities are behind us. I'm resisting the urge to start taking down the decorations. I don't usually do this until after we've seen in the New Year but for some reason I'd quite like to have the house back to normal before then. I'll leave them up for now, although  I might change my mind again tomorrow. Right now, I'm not even certain what day it is.

I've been looking ahead to next year and making some plans. I've already booked two short trips away, which I'm really excited about. There's another mini adventure I have in mind for me and Lily. And I've even been persuaded to sign myself up for something, which will be a bit of a challenge. This might just be the year I say 'yes' to more opportunities, instead of coming up with reasons why I shouldn't bother. 

J. X