Wednesday 6 December 2023

Frosty Morning

It had been freezing cold during the night. This morning the garden was iced over, so I ventured out very carefully to replenish the water in the bird feeder. Snowy was still standing, complete with his hat and scarf, although he was looking much slimmer than when we'd first built him. 

After I'd dropped Lily off at school, I came home and ate breakfast - delicious hot porridge, drizzled with syrup, a ideal warmer for such a cold morning. It may have been chilly, but it was a gorgeous, sunny start to the day, so I decided to walk into work. The frosty landscape was sparkling and the ground crisp beneath my feet. It was the sort of cold that made your ears and fingers tingle, and I was very grateful for my woolly hat and gloves. 

It's been an funny sort of day. At work we've almost reached a stage of anything goes, and there's so much going on just now that I can hardly keep up. It's Christmas Jumper Day tomorrow, so I really mustn't forget that.

This evening I was able to collect two more Christmas gifts that I'd ordered. It sounds simple enough but the traffic was so busy that it took ages just to drive to the store and back. I'm glad I've got them though, as there's one, which I need to deliver this weekend and the other, well, I wasn't confident it would actually turn up. 

J. X