Friday 8 December 2023

End of the Week


Here's another photograph from last weekend when the weather situation looked far more festive and the temperature felt a lot cooler. 

Thank you for the comments on my previous post. I'm glad it isn't just me who finds Christmas shopping so stressful. Although I've cut back hugely on the amount of people I buy for (and that made a massive difference), I would be quite happy to forget about presents altogether. There is just so much pressure and expectation about the giving and receiving of gifts, which is why I try and prioritise experiences instead. I don't particularly remember any of last year's Christmas gifts, but I do remember our visit to the Christmas lights, drinking mulled wine at the markets in Edinburgh, and chilly walks through the woods followed by a delicious hot chocolate. Although I try not to think about the ice-skating ;)

Gosh, it's felt like a long week, especially considering I didn't go into work on Monday. Today has been particularly stressful and an incident at work, although nothing I was involved with, left me feeling a little flat. My colleagues, however were incredible, and dealt with the situation brilliantly. I realise how lucky I am to work with some amazing people. 

The Mincemeat Shortbread  was very popular. I tried some myself and I have to agree, it was delicious. The recipe never fails but it might also have had something to do with the extra brandy I always add to the mincemeat :) This was all that was left when I went into the staff room at lunchtime.

I think that next I will go and get my pyjamas on, enjoy a quiet night, and hopefully I can catch up with some blog reading. I've an early start tomorrow, as I'm going to be delivering those presents.

J. X