Thursday 30 December 2021


The weather today has been miserable, overcast and gloomy, and it has rained continuously since late morning. It has been so dark recently that even my houseplants are beginning to droop and show signs of lacking enough sunlight - I understand how they must be feeling :) I might need to reposition the ones furthest from the window.

There has been some more removing of Christmas decorations. This time the kitchen and dining room have been on the receiving end of my spontaneous cleaning. The little kitchen tree has been returned to the garden once again and the window garland is back in it's box. I may even tackle the living room tomorrow,  I'll see how I feel. Lily doesn't like it when I pack away the Christmas things, but as she would quite happily leave the decorations up all year round, I won't use her heavy heart as an excuse to leave them up for too much longer. I also worked my way through a large pile of ironing -  seriously, where does it all come from? -  and then I flattened some boxes ready to take for recycling. Neither very exciting, but necessary. 

This afternoon we went swimming. It has been a few weeks since I've been in the water and it felt good to be doing some sort of physical activity that didn't involve being wrapped up in several layers in order to keep myself warm. That said, a little extra heating of the pool wouldn't have gone amiss. It just meant I needed to keep moving, which, after the excesses of Christmas, was not such a bad thing. Lily, of course, thoroughly enjoyed herself and, as usual, it took some persuasion to get her out of the water at the end of our session.

Tomorrow, I expect I'll spend a quiet day at home. At the moment I don't  have any plans but, weather permitting, I can hopefully get out for a walk at some point. 

J. X