Thursday 21 December 2023


Christmas is now just a few short days away, and Lily is in her usual state of excitement, with high expectation for the 'Best one ever!' 

Today I have found myself buying some late-in-the-day Christmas presents and finishing off those gifts which were almost complete. The weather hasn't done do much to help me feel festive. It's been blowing a hoolie for much of the day, and it was all I could do to stop myself from being blown off my feet. It did, however, make me feel relieved that I was close to home. Had we travelled to Edinburgh I would have spent all my time there worrying that our return train could have been cancelled. 

Gift shopping completed, I treated myself with a visit to my favourite store. It is full of the most beautiful gifts and homewares and I can always be guaranteed to find something I just need to bring home with me. On this occasion it was another tree decoration and a candle holder. These were actually quite inexpensive, and anyway, I can always consider them an early Christmas present to myself :)

I have, at least, managed to put off getting the main Christmas food shop. Well, I think I probably have most of what I want already. There are just a few more fresh items I need to get, along with the cheeses. I might try and go early in the morning, before it all gets too busy. 

J. X