Friday 22 March 2019

Sea Air

With every passing day, life is slowly returning to a steady rhythm once more and I can feel my shoulders beginning to lighten from the recent stress and worry which have been weighing me down these last few months.  With the uncertainty and apprehension almost behind us now, it is with huge relief I can now see myself looking forward and making plans for the months ahead once again.

In recognition of what feels like new beginnings, at the weekend I thought it a good opportunity to have a ceremonial blowing away of the cobwebs with a walk along the shore. There is nothing quite like a good dose of sea air to awaken the senses and make me feel alive, especially since the previous day had been so wet and windy we didn't even leave the house.

The day brought with it some lovely bright sunshine but the wind was still blustering and, of course, along the coast it is so much stronger than inland, that there were moments when it felt more than a little arduous to be walking in it. But, most importantly, it felt so good. Exhausting but good. While billowy white clouds raced across the sky we trundled across the sand, breathing in the fresh salty air. We continued to walk for a while, stopping briefly to enjoy a light picnic lunch (holding onto it very tightly!) and a play on the swings, before retracing our steps once more.  By this time our pace had quickened as, although the wind was now predominantly against us, it appeared to be sending some very dark rain clouds our way.

As the wind whipped around us, it felt bitterly cold and, although we were wrapped up well, since I had forgotten to take along my mittens,  my hands had spent much of the time tucked away in my pockets. Returning home I soon had them warm once more, wrapping them around a steaming hot mug of tea, the day's exertion lending itself to me feeling tired all of a sudden, yet with a clear head and renewed spirit.
J. X