Wednesday 6 April 2022



I've had a lovely start to my spring break, and it's been just what I needed. I have got on top of the housework, had a long overdue tidy up of Lily's bedroom, as well as taking the time to rest up and enjoy some unhurried mornings. And I was kindly given a large quantity of magazines, back copies of a publication I currently subscribe to, so I've spent several hours just browsing through them and bookmarking some recipes to try out. Just the right balance of productivity and relaxation.

At the weekend we joined in a walk with our local wildlife group. We were looking out for signs of spring, and it was a very enjoyable circuit of a nearby fell, where the skylarks were in full song, the hedgerows full of blossom and we even came across a badgers set!

The following day we took a walk out past the pond and down through the woods. The wild garlic was in abundance and, on this occasion, just right for picking, so I was glad I had remembered to take a small container to collect some in. I love to make fresh pesto at this time of year and it is just the most vibrant shade of green. It tastes absolutely delicious as well :)

The last few days have been spent mostly at home, aside from yesterday when we braved a trip into town. I needed to run a few errands and then, of course, there was the dreaded school shoes shopping. During the winter Lily wears Dr. Martens. They never rub and are sturdy enough to keep her feet warm and dry, whatever the weather throws at us (at school they always play outside unless it is really bad). However, at this time of year she needs something a little lighter. Luckily for us the shoe shop was nice and quiet when we arrived and I was pleasantly surprised to find they have gone back to the old way of measuring feet manually, instead of using an iPad. Better still, they checked the fit and had Lily walk around the shop in them just to be sure. How time flies. It feels like only yesterday that she was measured for her first ever pair. Fortunately, they had just the shoes she needed and in the right size. How long they will last for is another matter. :) 

J. X