Monday 1 July 2019

30 Days Wild

Throughout June we've been taking part in the month long nature challenge with the Wildlife Trust - 30 Days Wild.  As the name suggests,  the idea is to do a random act of wildness each day for thirty days, in order to feel healthier, happier and better connected with the natural world around us.

As far as challenges go, this one sounded rather appealing. We already spend a lot of our time outdoors, but I thought we could use this month as an opportunity to really take notice of our surroundings and, hopefully, learn a little along the way.

We've been hiking, bird-watching, planting wildflower seeds and sunflowers, tree hugging (and climbing), playing Poohsticks, identifying flowers and examining a whole host of insects and other minibeasts. In the middle of the month we even took part in a wildflower survey with our local Wildlife Trust. Each morning on our way to school Lily has been looking for froghoppers and has been enjoying reading her book on garden bugs, learning all their names and delighting in telling me what they are. We've really enjoyed ourselves and, although we haven't always managed to fit something in to every single day, I think we made up for it at other times.

Here I'm sharing some of the photographs I have taken during the challenge. 


J. X