Tuesday 20 December 2022



Yesterday, Lily's school enjoyed their annual Christmas celebration in the village church. I say annual, and yet it hasn't been held for the last two years because of the restrictions. Therefore, this year's service felt rather special, and it was so lovely to see children and their family members gathering together again, after all this time. And of course, nothing is quite so festive than some tiny children acting out the Christmas story and singing 'Little Donkey.' 

It seems like no time at all since Lily played the part of an angel when she was in reception class, and yet next September she will begin her final year of primary school. It has all gone so fast and I'm still in denial :)

The day didn't actually begin terribly well. All the snow had melted away, the car had a flat tyre, and then I was needed at short notice to cover for a colleague who was feeling unwell. Even though it seemed like a huge invonvenience at the time, there was a silver lining. The flat tyre didn't occur when we will be travelling later on in the week. And also it was one of the tyres, which believe it or not, I had already arranged to get replaced at the garage today. Working the additional hours also prompted my new contract to be drawn up, so I will be in my current position until the spring, at least. 

Thankfully, I was able to relax a little in the evening. The day had taken it's toll just a little. Not too long to go now. 

J. X