Tuesday 27 July 2021

Evening Walk

I hadn't planned to do much on Monday. I had some forms to fill in for the insurance claim and then I needed to drive to the car repair centre in order to get an estimate. In all honesty, I also wanted to get some of the housework done - there is only so much I can overlook before it gets too much for me and I feel the need to give everything a thorough clean. The kitchen and bathrooms are now spotless and I also vacuumed the whole house from top to bottom. There is still some dusting to do, but I can live with that for now. 

The next job on my list was to wipe down the paddling pool and inflatables, and put them away for the time being. I always feel a little bit sad to do this, as I never quite know if the weather will be warm enough to get them out again over the summer. The pool has been cleaned and is drying out at the back of the house; I don't want to roll it up while it is still wet. The inflatables are already packed away in their bag. I like to look after them, especially as, aside from the doughnut, they were all bought for Lily's first holiday to France when she was only three months old. I should have realised back then that she'd be a water baby :)  Happy memories.

In between chores, I spent some time catching up reading blogs and I enjoyed a mostly relaxed afternoon. It was while I was eating dinner that I thought about a spontaneous walk up a local fell. With several small fells to choose from we settled on the one farthest from the house which we thought would be the most quiet.

It was a typically bright summer's evening and the air was still very warm. We walked steadily along the path, stopping regularly to take in the views, although we were briefly distracted by the sight of some large raspberry bushes. We might have helped ourselves to a few but I must remember to see if there are any left over where I usually pick mine. 

The fell wasn't only quiet, it was completely empty, aside from some sheep and cows. It is most unusual not to pass the occasional runner or dog walker up there.

It felt so good to be out, making the most of the evening sun. 

J. X

Ride Out


Following the previous day's efforts, it was quite lovely to enjoy my morning at a slower pace. Not that the walk had been particularly strenuous, in fact I was pleasantly surprised my legs didn't feel weary at all, but occasionally it can feel nice not needing to set off out quite so early.
It was also a good reason to indulge myself by eating a proper breakfast. When I'm working, breakfast is either a slice of toast and jam or some fruit and yoghurt, so on the days I don't need to be anywhere in a hurry, it can feel good to take my time and cook up something extra tasty. And I couldn't think of anything better to cook than the eggs I had picked up on our walk the day before.

Free range duck and hen eggs of varying sizes are often found beside an honesty box along the lanes in this area. You can just help yourself to the quantity you need and put the money in the tin or jar. And fortunately, on this occasion, I had just the right amount of money in my purse.

A little melted butter, two duck eggs and a tiny splash of milk made the perfect scrambled eggs for my breakfast. Just look at that colour! They were so creamy and delicious, some of the best I've ever eaten. 

Although this week I've been enjoying a holiday at home, there is no avoiding the fact that some of the more mundane chores still need to be done, including the shopping. So, after a quick visit to the supermarket, I should now have enough food in the fridge for the rest of the week. Take note of the word 'should'. I can almost guarantee I will have missed something from my list :)

Usually, my mornings involve quite a lot of 'encouraging' Lily to finish her breakfast then get dressed. For once, however, on this particular day, my powers of persuasion were not required. While visiting a National Trust shop a couple of days earlier, Lily noticed a head torch for sale and decided that she would 'really, really like to have it please'. Now I'm not entirely sure how, but she got it into her head that we would return some time on Sunday so we could buy it. I didn't mind. It wasn't expensive, will no doubt come in useful, and anyway, she never does ask me for anything much. We had been trying to choose where to go for a bike ride on that morning, when Lily decided where better to go than to the shop, where we could buy this 'amazing' head torch.  

Don't let on, but perhaps I should allow Lily to make these decisions more regularly, as we had such such a lovely time. We set off along the lane, where there was a little traffic but for the most part it was nice and quiet, before turning onto a bridleway, down the hill (so much fun 😄) across the field and then onto the track by the river. Here, we stopped for a while to enjoy a picnic lunch before, very carefully, crossing the wobbly bridge and cycling up the steep lane to the shop. I did think I might have treated myself to a coffee there, but given the length of the queue for the café I soon changed my mind. Maybe another time.

We returned home the same way we went, and I am happy to report Lily is thrilled to bits with her new head torch. No doubt she will be wanting to test it out properly very soon. 

J. X