Friday 5 June 2020

Holiday at Home

I don't know about anyone else, but the longer I leave between posts, the more difficult I find it trying to get into the swing of it again. It's been a strange sort of week here, for various reasons the last few days have been a bit of a struggle and I've finally run out of steam.
This week much of my time has been spent at home and I'm sure that my lethargy is in part down to not getting out and about as often as usual. With so much confusion regarding the restrictions I'm still quite anxious about what I can and can't do, added to the fact that I'm no longer working I feel as though I'm lacking some purpose to my days. Having said all that, I continue to be safe and well, and for that I am truly grateful.

I have also been very grateful for the recent sunny weather. It's been glorious here. I admit, I am a little concerned that this could have been our summer, but I really hope that won't be the case and in Lily's words we've enjoyed a 'holiday at home'.
With several days of high temperatures forecast it didn't take long to decide to put up the paddling pool and I've spent so much time outdoors, making the most of the sunshine, home schooling definitely pushed aside for the time being 😊 It felt so wonderful to be finally wearing my summer clothes and flip flops.

The garden produce is growing fast, strawberries are beginning to ripen (and I can confirm they are delicious), the sunflowers are getting taller and even the Sweet Peas have reached the top of their canes. Everything appears to be much further along than this time last year. I've replaced the bolted spinach with some more of the tomato seedlings and, as they've done so well this year, I had enough to be able to answer a request for some on a local giving site.

Mog has been enjoying this warm weather too. Usually, if she's not asleep in the house she will be out in the field looking for mice, but for some reason she will spend much more of her time in the garden if Lily is out there, although I've been careful to keep her away from the pool. An old tree stump is her favourite place to lie down but even she eventually had to search for a shaded spot beneath the leaves.

This afternoon I am heading out for a walk. I need to blow away the cobwebs and take some much needed exercise. I am also hoping to gather some elderflowers so that I can make cordial.

Stay well.
J. X