Sunday 24 May 2020

Along the River

The weeks are drifting by quickly, and no sooner had I become used to a new routine, it all changed again and I find myself at home full time now, joining in with everyone else who's  losing track of which day of the week it is. It's a steep learning curve. I'm someone who likes a certain amount of structure to my days, so this doesn't come easily to me, but I'm working on it and for the time being at least, I'll be getting plenty of practice.

Being able to get outdoors is a huge benefit. Aside from experiencing a couple of cooler, blustery days the weather continues to be glorious and time spent roaming the countryside is even more relaxing when there are no time constraints. Without the necessity to rush home there is always plenty of time to stop for a picnic, watch the tadpoles and ducklings, or even have a paddle. Sometimes we do all three. We've walked and we've cycled, often taking the same route each day, it seems there's always something new to see and a I find comfort in the familiar, well trodden paths.

We often enjoy a picnic lunch down by the river. The cool, damp air beneath the trees quite a contrast from the warm sunshine. It's simple fare, usually just egg and salad buns, fruit, crisps and flapjack, quickly thrown together in the hurry to get set off, but eaten outdoors in the fresh air it tastes so much more delicious than it would have done at  home.
The recent dry weather means the river levels are low just now. Much of the water lies still and every so often we catch a glimpse of small silver fish leaping up above the water leaving behind a circle of ripples.

Well rested and with all our lunch eaten, we gather up our belongings and begin to head for home.
Whether walking or cycling, our journey takes us high up above the river now. All around us the cows quietly graze, the young ones far less interested in us now than when they were first let out into the fields. The Hawthorn trees are in full flower and we have to brush past the Cow Parsley as it froths over onto the pathway. As we cross the stream there is a final chance for a game of Poohsticks before we arrive home once again.

This week I'll be finding my feet in a new pattern to my days, but as long as the weather continues to be kind, I'm sure I'll be spending much of them outdoors.

Stay well.
J. X