Monday 28 December 2020

Frosty Morning

Although, disappointingly, I didn't wake up to snow this morning, there was a light covering of frost, and the field behind the house sparkled white. A beautiful winter scene. 

I've enjoyed another relaxed day, having reached the stage between Christmas and New Year when I'm not quite sure as to what day it actually is. Not that it matters, of course. Having spent many years working all throughout the festive season, I relish this time to do with as I please.

Today, this included another walk in the woods. The low winter sun dazzled against a clear sky and puddles had turned to ice. Even by early afternoon the shaded ground was still frosted, the distant fells dusted with snow. 

On returning home, I was soon warmed up with a hot drink and it wasn't long before I was busy in the kitchen, baking for the week ahead. The weather forecast looks promising and, with some slightly longer walks planned, we need something tasty to keep us fuelled in the chilly outdoors.

Using one of the jars still remaining in the kitchen cupboard I baked some mincemeat shortbread. Just as tasty as (if not more than) mince pies, this is much more simple to bake, and makes around sixteen pieces, which are easily wrapped up to put in the pocket of my rucksack.

The link to the recipe is here. This time I made mine without the cranberries and almonds.

J. X