Sunday 18 July 2021

We Made It!

This was the view from my ride to work on the last day of term. Once again, it has been a challenging year but we were some of the more fortunate ones who made it through to the final day without the need to isolate. I feel relieved for us, yet sad for the students and members of staff for whom the school year ended rather more abruptly. This summer's break has arrived not a moment too soon and I really hope we will see some semblance of normality when we return at the beginning of September.

Sports day still went ahead last week, albeit without parents in attendance, but thanks to online learning platforms the school was able to share footage from most of the afternoon's events. Lily was thrilled to come first in both her running and skipping races. She is rarely seen in the playground without a skipping rope in her hand, and I'm sure she is faster running with one than without :)

The ritual of emptying both school and PE bags is now complete and I am looking forward to spending the next seven weeks with very few commitments, and days to fill just however we please. 

Here's to summer!

J. X