Monday 8 October 2018

Autumn Colour

Autumn is marching on apace, and the surrounding landscape is quickly turning an array of russet and gold as the trees prepare for the winter months. It is the season at it's best and Mother Nature certainly knows how to put on a wonderful display.  Last weekend saw a sudden drop in temperature here, but following an early morning frost, the days were mainly bright and clear, if a bit breezy.
Naturally, the woods were calling to us, so we put on our wellies and made our way through the open fields towards the sheltered canopy of the trees.

Besides the wind rustling up above, it was so quiet in there, any sounds muffled by the damp carpet of leaves and moss on the woodland floor. Every now and again we stopped to look at some weird looking fungi, a particularly attractive leaf - me, or stick - Lily. And we were also on the lookout for some Hazelnuts, which we did manage to find and will plant soon. In previous year's we have gathered conkers and acorns on our autumn walks, which have since grown well in the garden. We might even have our own little forest before long.

The following day we headed into the Lakes, to Brothers Water. The strong wind saw clouds race across the sky, with leaves showering down upon us like confetti. We were relieved to be wrapped up well against the cold, and after a short walk along the length of the shore, soon returned to the shelter of the van for a picnic lunch, but not before we had passed two very brave ladies who had just returned from a swim in the lake! At this point my hands were beginning to feel very cold, as I had removed my gloves, which had been left smelling less than sweet after a meeting with a very persistent and friendly  farm dog.
Thankfully, our return home took us right by the National Trust cafe at Aira Force, where instead of taking any more photographs, I happily warmed my hands around a mug of delicious hot chocolate.
J. X