Friday 17 June 2016


Last Sunday found us in Grasmere, a beautiful little village famous for, amongst other things, William Wordsworth and gingerbread. It even has its own blog here.
Often we find ourselves in Grasmere at the beginning and end of a long walk (there being so many to choose from in the area) but on this day it was just for the simple joy of a bimble around.
We usually park a little way out of the village which lends itself to a gentle stroll alongside the river Rothay.
This is a view of Helm Crag which overlooks Grasmere.
It was so lovely to see all the bunting out following the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations.
In the centre of the village is the Wordsworth Daffodil Garden through which meanders a pathway of around 3000 slate paving stones sponsored by visitors from all over the world.
It is such a beautiful place to sit for a while in quiet contemplation, stunning when the Daffodils are in full bloom and breathtaking in Autumn (my favourite time here) when the golden leaves carpet the ground.
These photographs are from October last year.
The garden was very quiet when we visited. Possibly because everyone was waiting for gingerbread.
We didn't buy any on this trip. Delicious as it is, there was a very long queue outside the shop as it is so very popular with visitors.
Grasmere holds fond memories for me as it is the start and finish for a walk up to Easdale Tarn, one of my favourites. A walk I hope to do again very soon.
J. X