Saturday 8 December 2018


Here  we are in December, and all I can think is how fast the year has gone. It feels like no time at all since I was getting ready for Christmas last year. It has been a busy week here and I'm relieved we've reached the weekend, so I have the chance to catch my breath. I use this time to get on top of chores and prepare for the week ahead but at this time of year, it is even more important than usual to find a balance, make time for fun and put a bit of magic into the season.

The advent stockings were hung in good time and Lily can't wait to reach inside for her chocolate snowman each morning. She was more than a bit disappointed, however, that she didn't wake up to snow on the 1st of the month and has been looking out for some every day since. So far, December has only brought us wet, windy and gloomy days. The weather has been far from festive and hasn't really lent itself to cheer and joyfulness, so we've been creating our own. We've been baking, doing festive jigsaws, reading Christmas stories and enjoying bit of crafting. Lily has had fun with our new Christmas stamps and I treated myself to some cute reindeer lights which, at the moment are the only decorations we have on display, besides my new Nisse. This is the crafting I mentioned.

Having watched a few tutorials online I decided to have a try at creating one myself. It had been ages since I'd done anything like this but I found it quite straightforward and fairly quick to make up once I'd got the hang of it.  😊
You need coloured felt, some white embroidery thread, beads and a small amount of wadding and rice  to stuff them with. There are many tutorials to work from and can be adapted to suit your own style.

I enjoyed making it so much, I made two more in  different sizes. They look very sweet on the fireplace and, of course, are perfectly safe for when small hands decide to play with them.

J. X