Wednesday 1 December 2021



Sadly, the snow only lasted a day or so before it got washed away by the rain. But here is another photograph from the weekend when everything looked oh-so-seasonal and just that little bit more festive. 
And I need all the festive cheer I can get at the moment, as I'm trying very hard to get into the spirit of all things Christmas but this year I am really struggling to muster up even the slightest enthusiasm. I need to remind myself that it is still a little while off yet, and I'm sure I'll be feeling a bit more excited as the days go by. I hope so, anyway. 

Last night I hung up the advent stockings, and I noticed the string they are tied up with is wearing rather thin in places - I forget they've been in use for a few years now. I'll have to remember this when I pack them away again in January, so that I'll be prepared for this time next year. They have been put above the fireplace and I expect there will be some more decorations joining them towards the weekend.

This morning, Lily excitedly reached for her first chocolate and once I had dropped her off at school, I made a quick trip into town to stock up on some ribbon, Christmas cards, and wool. I really would love to just take a whole day to myself and get everything I need all in one go, but I have to be content with snatching a couple of hours here and there. I know I will get there in the end, it just all takes that little bit longer this way.

Oh, and while I was there, I might just have treated myself to some mince pies. I'm feeling that little bit more festive already. 😁

J. X