Wednesday 15 April 2020

Spring Weekend

This weekend has been a happy jumble of all sorts. Days have passed slowly and gently, unhurried  and relaxed. I have given over trying to maintain too much structure to our time at home, instead I'm learning it's better to take things day by day and adjust my busy mind accordingly.

Lily and I had lots of messy fun making Chocolate nests. A few weeks ago I had made sure to get in the ingredients we would be using, and I can't tell you how difficult it was not to help myself to some of the chocolate during that time. It was calling to me, even from the highest shelf.
Talking of chocolate, we have eaten such a lot over the weekend, in fact, the Easter bunny arrived super early here, with foil covered eggs hidden all over the garden.  

As well as the chocolate nests I also baked an orange and rosemary cake using some of the fresh rosemary from the garden. It was delicious, if a bit sticky, served with a marmalade glaze.

I have been very fortunate to receive some plants from a nearby garden centre which, sadly, would otherwise have gone to waste, so the garden has been treated to a much needed injection of colour. I returned  home from a lovely afternoon walk to find I had been gifted several pots of tulips, some fritillaria and some blue anemone. Some beautiful flowers, which are quite clearly enjoying this sunny weather.  The sweet peas, which I saved from last year's crop are already looking promising and the spinach in the raised bed is growing fast. Over the weekend we also sowed the carrot and beetroot seeds, and the two different varieties of sunflowers, always a favourite of ours, have  begun to sprout. Once again, I'm feeling such gratitude to have this outdoor space at the present time.

Home learning begins again this week and I am happy to be able to put this in place once more. I'm easing us in gently, however, although the topic this term is much more fun, and it helps that we are getting a little more input from the school. Each afternoon we are getting out for our daily walk, making the most of this time to stretch our legs, appreciate our surroundings and enjoy the gloriously sunny weather.
J. X