Friday 21 February 2020

A Moment of Calm

Outside there is another storm brewing. The wind is picking up and I can hear the pitter-patter of rain against the windows once again. It's been a miserable week, most of which has been spent holed up indoors and cabin fever has set in. It's dark and gloomy and I'm bracing myself for another weekend filled with worry - it's now clear there is a problem with the roof! All the while feeling guilty that there are many in a far worse situation than I. 
Being stuck indoors I have, at least, been productive with my time. The kitchen has seen every cupboard and drawer cleaned and tidied (even under the sink!) and I have sorted another bag to take to the charity shop next week. I'm having a big push to get on top of things, so that I can get on with decorating the house and then see how I feel about staying here.

During a much welcome break in the weather, we were fortunate to get out for a walk in the woods. Not knowing what to expect, we discovered water was overflowing on to the paths and all around was strewn with twigs and branches. Lily was quite happy as, although I made sure she kept well clear of  the fast running water of the stream, there were plenty of puddles for her to splash in and I might have even joined in once or twice. 😊

As we walked, the sky turned a beautiful shade of blue and the feeling of warm sun on my skin, although fleeting, served to remind me that spring is on the way.

Much as I love the sight of snowdrops and daffodils, the one thing I always delight in at this time of year is the arrival of wild garlic in the woods. The vibrant bright green shoots pushing their way up through the woodland floor is a definite sign of the changing seasons. It's a little too early to pick any just yet but I'm sure I won't be having to wait too much longer.

It felt so good to be out in the fresh air and I truly hope we have seen the worst of the weather this winter and make it through the next storm with minimal damage.
J. X