Monday 19 July 2021

Another Holiday at Home

This year, just like the last, we are holidaying from home. I am more than happy with this, as the thought of trying to book somewhere with availability, which is also affordable, at this present time did not appeal in the slightest. Better still, this way I have no planning or packing to do. 😀 

With sunshine and high temperatures forecast for the remainder of the week, I don't intend on travelling very far. The fells can wait, as it is much too hot for walking just now. The paddling pool is up and I have some easy reading to keep me occupied. I have been working through some ideas as to how I would like to spend the coming weeks, but I have no desire to try and cram too much into our summer break. Even though I am still waking far too early in the morning, it is lovely not needing to rush around. Yesterday, I relaxed and read my book while Lily spent most of the afternoon in the water, the parasol providing her with some much needed relief from the sun's rays. 

Mog can usually be found lying in the shade behind the shed, then she will disappear for hours leaving me worried, only for her to return home in the middle of the night, presumably having been sleeping among the long grass in the field.

Looking ahead, it would seem as if summer could go on forever, but I realise September will be here before I know it. Until then I intend to make the most of each day. 

J. X