Wednesday 27 May 2020

In the Garden

As well as going out for many walks and picnics in the local area, the warm sunny weather has meant I've also been spending much of my time in the garden. Recent restrictions have made me realise just how fortunate I am to have this little plot and I can't begin to tell you how much I have come to appreciate it, especially during recent weeks.

In the damp winter months I can feel quite resentful of what I feel is wasted space. Being so wet and muddy it rarely gets used during this time of year and aside from clearing up the leaves and repairing any storm damage I tend not to give it too much attention. Instead, I allow my mind to wander to thoughts of a house extension, surely it would be much more beneficial,  and how wonderful it would be to have that large dining kitchen I've always hankered after. I get  like this every year, so you would think I'd know better by now. Oh well, I can always dream.

Recently, however, I couldn't imagine not having this precious little patch of earth. Whether I'm sowing seeds, being able to grab a handful of spinach to enjoy in a sandwich, pegging out the laundry, or simply enjoying sitting in the sunshine with a cup of tea. As long as I don't have the dilapidated shed in my field of vision I am quite content. And I am hopeful even that might  get replaced before the end of the summer. I also must not forget the importance of this space for digging, making mud pies and poking worms, the opportunities for making a mess are endless.

Anyway, here is a little glimpse as to what is out there just now.

The Sweet Peas are doing well. I planted these using harvested seeds from last years plants. There is some new growth on the Lavender and I am keeping the mint in a pot from now on after it all went a bit wild last year. There are Sunflowers and Rosemary in the background. Just out of shot are eight tiny chilli seedlings.


Sunflowers. I plant these up against the fence so they are supported as they grow. There are twelve of them at the moment. Some are from the seeds I got for Lily's birthday last year and the rest are a smaller variety which I think are red in colour. Some more Lavender.

Strawberries. It  looks as though there will be a plentiful supply this year.

Tomatoes. I was later to sow these this year but it looks like they are beginning to grow a little faster now.

There are also some carrots and spinach in the vegetable patch, and each morning I take these little pots outside to sit in the sun. Lily and I have planted some apple and lemon seeds. They've grown even more since I took this photograph just the other day and I'm looking forward to seeing how they progress.

As the temperatures are set to rise, the garden will have another purpose this week. We're setting up the new paddling pool!

J. X