Saturday 27 February 2021

Spring Is on the Way

The last week has seen a gradual rise in temperatures here. The ice and frost covered earth has once again been replaced by mud and puddles - thank goodness for my wellies - and even I felt a little too warm wrapped up on our walk yesterday. The seasons are shifting and there is more than a hint of spring in the air. Earlier this week I was woken by birdsong. The glorious dawn chorus. It must have been around 6.15am and it was loud! And so, for the first time this year, I stood at the door and just listened for a while.

I've yet to spend any time in the garden, although it's going to need to happen soon, as I'm looking forward to sitting out there with a mug of tea in the next few weeks. The soil needs turning, the stone flags need cleaning and it looks a sorry mess, as it usually does at this time of year. Winter has lain heavy on the ground and although there are new shoots beginning to appear, the garden hasn't sprung to life just yet, much like myself  :)  On a positive note, however, there is now a new shed in place and this one is not going to collapse any time soon.

My plan is to not grow any vegetables this year, I'm going with flowers instead. I know I could make more effort and do both but the garden isn't really big enough and, to be honest, I just fancy a change. Just like vegetable growing, with my limited knowledge I will be making it up as I go along, so any advice is more than welcome. I would love to see the garden full of colour.

With the gradual relaxing of restrictions I am looking forward to being able to travel farther afield, and I've been making plans of places to visit as soon as we are able, although I can't complain. Staying local has really opened my eyes to what is on my doorstep and I'm sure we'll be spending just as much time at the river again this summer.

J. X