Wednesday 18 July 2018


On yet another gorgeous day at the weekend we went for a walk up Latrigg, a small fell in the shadow of Skiddaw, overlooking the lovely town of Keswick in the Northern Lakes. It's easily accessible from the town centre and makes for a delightful gentle climb to be rewarded with some fabulous views from the summit.

The pathway begins in the woods and gradually opens up to reveal views of Bassenthwaite Lake to the North and Derwentwater to the South.

Once at the summit there is a clear view  overlooking Keswick and across Derwentwater towards Catbells and down towards Borrowdale.

It was a beautiful day for a walk, even if everyone was so hungry when we arrived in Keswick, that we ended up eating our lunch in the van rather than at the summit! But there was another reason for our visit.

Four years ago, and with the need to pass some time in the area, I thought it would be a nice idea to walk up Latrigg and have a picnic. Lily was only thirteen months old then and was still used to being in the back carrier. She did walk the final stretch of the path to the top, however, and we found a nice flat patch of grass on which to sit down. Then, while she was happily enjoying her rice cakes and looking at the seemingly tiny town below, I took this photograph. The weather was overcast but I remember it being very warm that day and we spent a good while just enjoying the scenery, pointing out the cars and people down below..

Two years later, and when asked if I would like to go out to lunch to celebrate my birthday, I decided I didn't want to stay inside on such a beautiful day, but that I would very much like to spend some time in Keswick and walk up Latrigg to have a picnic. Being three years old by this time, Lily was well used to going out walking and enjoyed the short climb up through the woods, past the stream, alongside the thick bracken and up towards the summit. I took plenty of photographs on this day, including this one when we sat down for our picnic. By complete coincidence I had taken the picture in the same position as the first one.

It was then that I decided it would be lovely, if possible, to try to take Lily's photograph in the same place every couple of years, and this was the reason for our walk at the weekend.  The photographs really show just how Lily has grown and changed over the last few years.

I really hope we can keep this up as it will provide some lovely memories to look back on. And for anyone wondering, I also have plenty of gorgeous photographs of Lily taken from the front. ☺
J. X