Tuesday 19 February 2019

Keeping On

I've been rather quiet on here lately. Although not entirely intentional,  it has, at least, afforded me some time to restore and recharge my batteries. I've been adjusting to a different rhythm to my days and it is taking some getting used to.
Day to day life continues, however and I'm busying myself with the regular routine whilst I wait for other areas to settle into a more familiar pattern.

Our days are often decided by the weather and we are finding it can feel like spring one minute and returning to winter the next. We've had morning frosts, followed by warm sunshine then heavy rain. I would quite like there to be another snowfall before the end of winter but the forecast doesn't show any sign of a drop in temperature and with the arrival of lambs in the fields and the crocuses beginning to show their colour it might be that we are set for an early spring. To be honest, I think I'm probably ready for some warmer days and being able to spend more time outdoors; the arrival of lighter evenings has not escaped me either.

We've been out walking as often as possible and I'm managing to get out running with a bit more regularity, which is having a positive influence on my wellbeing. I'm hoping I can keep it up, maybe with the possibility of entering a running event later on in the year. Lily, however, seems more keen to go swimming recently. Since the beginning of the year it has been a joy to watch her grow in confidence and ability in the water. Another milestone reached and yet another sign my little girl is growing and changing all the time. It is wonderful to see, it's just happening so fast that sometimes I would like to press the pause button.

At home this week I've made a start on a good tidy and clear out although, as with all my good intentions, I have reached a bit of a sticking point. The whole process of going through cupboards and drawers is never appealing but it does feel so satisfying when I get to see the finished result. If I manage to do a little bit at a time it might not feel quite so overwhelming.

I have, however, finished the blanket for Lily. Finally! I can't quite remember when I started it but I know I was working on it when we went camping last May.
It took me a while but I got there in the end.
J. X