Tuesday 7 July 2020

Ambling Through the Week

This last week I've taken a far more relaxed approach to my days. Circumstances are such that now more than ever before, my days are blurring into one another and once again I find myself having to take a step back from a regular routine. I definitely won't be returning to work until September at the earliest, and at the moment I don't yet know in what capacity. I should hopefully find out more later in the week but, as with anything at the moment, any plans will be subject to change.

Time spent in the garden has been sporadic and only when weather permitting. All but one of the sunflowers have survived the winds so far and I don't think it will be long until they begin to flower. The carrots are still a while off being harvested and the strawberries are all finished for the season but I'm happy to see that some of the beetroot will be ready within the next couple of weeks.
I've re-potted the apple trees and coriander, but they are growing so fast I will need to put them in even bigger pots before long. With the weather having been so changeable lately, I've been keeping the pots indoors. We even had some heavy hail just the other day, it's not what we usually experience at this time of year.

Spending more time at home it is very easy for me to become inactive, so in an attempt to incorporate some form of exercise into my day, I tried going out for a run with Lily riding her bike alongside me. I was pleasantly surprised to find it actually worked quite well. We didn't go very far, just along the lanes to the village, but I now know it's an option at least - no more excuses!
On our way home we passed a chicken by the roadside. At this point we were quite a way from any farm it could have wandered from, so we stopped and I picked it up to put it safely into the field. Unfortunately, it didn't make a difference as it kept trying to escape back through the gate. Fortunately for me (and the chicken) a farmer friend was passing by in his pickup and he offered to drive it back to the farm further along the road if I put it in the back. It was such a relief. I didn't like the thought of it being hit by a car, nor did I relish the idea of running the rest of the way home with it tucked under my arm.

At the weekend we went for a wander in the woods. Slightly further afield this time and it felt good to be gradually navigating our way into the wider world once more. It would have felt even better had I been able to enjoy a proper coffee at the end of our walk, but a certain someone was keen to return home and with it looking like it could rain at any moment, I reluctantly agreed. Coffee can wait.

In the kitchen I've been successfully sticking to my menu plans and we've been enjoying some old favourites I hadn't made for a while. Chow mein, risotto and quiche have all made a welcome return to the dinner menu, and it's even better when I make enough to last for two mealtimes. A few days ago I set about creating a sourdough starter. I've never made sourdough bread before, so I'm taking it as a challenge. Watch this space.

J. X