Monday 12 December 2016

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like....

There really is no getting away from it now, Christmas is on its way. Cards are arriving through the letter box, gifts are being hidden in strange places and the bottle of Baileys has been broken into so it is now official.
It is such a magical time of year.
The build up started for us a couple of weeks ago when we wrapped up warm and went to visit the reindeer. We love to do this every year and it's becoming a bit of a family tradition now. They are such gorgeous, friendly creatures and with those huge brown eyes they are impossible to resist.
The advent calendar was hung on the first of the month and is the first port of call every morning for a chocolatey treat for Lily. I really should get one for myself another year.
Last week, after being inspired by Sadie's gingerbread house, I decided to have a go at making a simpler version myself. I found a recipe and  template online and was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out considering it was my first attempt. Of course, I had my very willing assistant to help with the decorating so there were an awful lot of sweets that didn't make it anywhere near the icing, but it was a lot of fun to do and that is the whole point. Fun. We will definitely be doing this again next year.
We have really enjoyed seeing all the Christmas lights and decorations around and about and at the end of the week we took a trip to Liverpool. It was such a treat. The lights, store window displays and festive atmosphere really did all go towards making it very magical, and to top it all off there was a fairground for children and all the sights, sounds and enticing aromas of the Christmas market. We came home with a large bag of gifts and feeling very festive indeed.
Also this week I returned home to a beautiful card on the doorstep. I signed up to Amy's card swap again this year and was partnered with the lovely Cheryl at My Little Piece Of England. A gorgeous hand made card. Isn't it beautiful? Thank you so much, Cheryl.
Yesterday we decorated our tree and, so far, the cat has stayed away. Let's see how long that lasts. I hope it all stays in one piece until after the festivities.
The wreath is now in place on the front door and this week I will be bringing more greenery into the house for some finishing touches, making more lists, wrapping gifts and writing cards.
I think I might just have another glass of Baileys.
J. X