Tuesday 7 December 2021

Dried Orange Slices


Those bells are still hiding somewhere. I'm sure they will turn up tomorrow, once I open up the Christmas boxes and unwrap all the tree decorations. I am looking forward to finally having the tree in the house, although I expect Mog will probably just raise her eyebrows in typical cat fashion, as if to say 'here we go again!' I don't mind, she's always been very good with anything like that. The first year she was with us, she climbed up into the tree but she was much smaller then, I doubt she would manage it now even if she tried. She will occassionally tap at the baubles on the lower branches but that's all. I realise I'm very lucky. 

It's been a busy day. Time has passed quickly at work, which is always enjoyable at this time of year. Exhausting, but definitely a lot of fun.

The storm has been wreaking havoc throughout the afternoon and although the strong winds are beginning to die down now, I can still hear sudden gusts against the windows. I do hope there won't be too much damage.

During a short break this morning, I took the time to dry some orange slices ready for when we decorate the tree tomorrow. I did this for the first time last year and I loved how they turned out. They looked so pretty hung from the tree branches with the warm glow from the fairy lights shining against them.
Some drying methods require the oranges to be in a low oven for several hours, but I sliced mine thinly, then placed them on a wire rack, and they took just 45 minutes at 120°, turning halfway through.
Tomorrow  I will thread them with some floristry wire and if I'm feeling fancy, I might even add some ribbon :)

J. X