Saturday 14 September 2019

A Quiet Day

We're  having a quiet day at home today. The bright morning sunshine has given way to a slightly overcast afternoon.  The washing is blowing on the line, I've made a batch of carrot and lentil soup and the stew I've prepared for dinner this evening is gently simmering away on the stove.
It's been a busy week, so I'm grateful for this opportunity to relax and wind down.

Last weekend we, once again, went for a walk in the Northern Lakes, high up some forest tracks to where the views opened out towards the sea in the west and the Skiddaw range of fells in the east. The heather is fading away now and there are subtle signs of autumn all around. We enjoyed a picnic overlooking Bassenthwaite Lake before our steep descent, which found us tentatively crossing some slippery stones over a narrow stream, before finding ourselves amongst the trees once more.

On Tuesday evening we took part in a bat walk down by the river. The light was just beginning to fade and it was the perfect time to catch sight of these fascinating little creatures. We saw some flying overhead, heard them in the trees, using bat detectors and spotted some darting out from beneath the bridge, skimming the surface of the river looking for flies. We were meant to end our evening with hot chocolate and cookies but, as Lily was tired from a long day, we returned home early.

Last night, just as we did last year, we went to Blackpool for fish and chips and to see the Illuminations and fireworks. It was such a lovely evening. The air was still and the harvest moon shone brightly in the beautifully clear night sky.  We watched the fireworks from the promenade, enjoyed the tableau displays, then returned home rather weary but very happy.

This week, we have begun to settle into a routine and, so far, everything is going well. Lily seems to have settled in at school, which is a relief, as although she has always enjoyed going, I can't help that initial feeling of concern at the beginning of each new school year. Our week ahead should be a little less busy, which I am quite thankful for. I've some loose ends to tie up and some plans to make.
Have a great weekend.

J. X