Saturday 10 December 2022

Feeling Better

Although it was a restless night for me, Lily, at least, slept soundly throughout. And this morning, I am very relieved to say, she appeared a little more like her usual self. Another quick check of her temperature and I felt myself relax, realising that my worst fears were unfounded. She is still looking red in the  face but has, at least, eaten today, and she has been drinking plenty of water. 

Overnight, we got a covering of snow. Usually, Lily would be so excited to go outside as soon as she could, but this morning she simply enjoyed looking at it through the window. She has spent the day resting, and I'm sure she will feel the benefit of another good night's sleep. 

Today, I started writing my Christmas cards, and at Lily's request we have decorated the tree. I almost tied myself in knots trying to untangle the lights, but it is all looking quite lovely now. 

J. X


It had been a regular Friday morning. We were looking forward to the end of a busy school week, then driving out to see some Christmas lights in the evening. But by lunchtime, Lily was looking worryingly pale and complaining of feeling cold, both of which are most unlike her. And instead she was actually feeling rather hot. 

There have been many cases of illness in school recently, several requiring hospital treatment, so I knew to keep a very close eye on her. 

I brought her home and she spent the afternoon lying on the sofa, often struggling to keep her eyes open. She even fell asleep on a couple of occasions, with Boo by her side. But I thought it that she should stay there rather than going to bed, as it would be much easier to keep a close eye on her. I was grateful that despite her now flushed face and feeling hot, her temperature was only slightly above normal. That said, I was half preparing myself for a visit to the hospital later in the night.

It is early morning now, and she seems to have slept okay. I will check her temperature again shortly, and take things from there.

It will also be very telling when she wakes up and sees what has arrived during the night. ❄️

J. X