Friday 12 May 2017

Happy Friday

It has been a busy week, full of this and that. Nothing dramatic,  just ordinary everyday happenings, but things which have made me very happy indeed.
The weather has been glorious here. Starting out cold and fresh, becoming sunny and warm as the days moved on, then culminating with the most beautiful evening sunsets.

It has been lovely being able to hang out the washing every day and has felt so good to breathe in the fabulous scent of fresh air on our clothes and bed linen. There is something so very satisfying to me about seeing a line of clothes drying in the warm breeze.
The dry weather has also enabled me to spend much of my time in the garden getting jobs done and prettying things but more about all that another time.

Of course, we have been out walking. Considering the weather has been very dry, the fields are looking lush and green.

Always time to stop for a snack.

The wild garlic with its heady aroma is now out in full flower here.

Importantly for me, I have been feeling more like myself again. A run on Wednesday morning put paid to any doubts I had about my fitness. I  am aware I am very much a work in progress and although it was still an effort  I managed my run with no issues. Onwards and upwards.

Yesterday was quite exciting in that our seed planting  paid off and provided us with some  baby spinach leaves to eat alongside last night's pizza. Yay! Delicious leafy greenery, fresh from our very own garden. Fresh spinach is something we love to eat so we will hopefully get plenty more over the summer months.
The weekend is almost upon us and we have a birthday to celebrate. So very much to be thankful for.
J. X