Wednesday 29 April 2020

The Last Few Days

I baked bread. I've never been quite so excited to get my hands on a bag of flour and the bread was simply delicious. Minimal effort for maximum reward : )

Our afternoon walks have continued. Lily insisted I take a photograph of these bluebells which appeared to us all at once through a gap in a wall.

The last of the spring lambs have appeared in the fields.

The wild garlic has flowered, covering the woodland floor with a carpet of white.

Mog has remained in a permanent state of sedentary bliss.

The number of ducklings at the river appear to have increased.

Lily chalked a blue heart on a rock for the NHS workers.

And still insists on talking to the cows.

I got a craving for scones and used the last of my flour to bake some. I ate one fresh and warm, straight from the oven.

In the garden the sweet peas have grown fast and the strawberries have begun to flower.

J. X