Tuesday 26 December 2023

A Boxing Day Walk


I'm not sure what happened to this post earlier, so I'll try again :) Also, someone contacted me about comments not being allowed for some reason, so I've had a look at the settings and fingers crossed everything is okay now. 
Christmas has felt slightly different this year. A little quieter perhaps, adjusting to different ways of celebrating, or perhaps simply because Lily is getting older. It has been just as lovely (maybe even more so), just different. 

On Christmas Eve morning, the girls and I went out for breakfast. It was all very relaxed and the conversation flowed readily over coffee and fried egg buns. It made a refreshing change from the more formal festive gatherings we've become used to, so we are considering making this a new Christmas tradition. In the evening we enjoyed our usual cheese heavy buffet and several games of Bingo. My Bingo hosting left much to be desired, as I tried to remember which call went with each number, but it just made things even more entertaining. I don't even remember who won.

Christmas Day was lovely, although, if I'm being completely honest, it has never been my favourite day of the festivities. I need to have a think about making a few changes next year, while still being mindful of keeping it special for Lily. 

Today has been much more to my liking, as we went for a walk up to High Sweden Bridge. With the weather having been so wet and windy recently, it felt good to be out in the fresh air without either being soaked through or getting blown off our feet.

Even though we were prepared for cold weather, it was actually quite warm in the winter sunshine, so it wasn't long before we'd taken off our jackets. Setting off quite early meant that the paths were quiet and it wasn't until we were on our way back that we found ourselves walking past large groups of people who, like us, were taking the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing stroll. It was such a nice morning, and it made me realise how it had been far too long since I'd actually spent some quality time outdoors. I'm sure the mince pies, which I'd taken with me, probably helped as well.  

Once we'd got back home again, I set about making a curry. This is always a favourite on Boxing Day, and is very much appreciated after the more traditional Christmas meals.
This evening, I think I'll just relax with a glass of wine. I might even watch a film.

J. X