Saturday 17 June 2023

'Bother That Cat!' Again


It's been quite a week, and not helped by this one, who has developed a bit of a health problem. She isn't off her food at all and doesn't appear to be in any discomfort, so I am hoping it isn't anything too serious.

She has already been seen by the vet, and although they haven't been able to find anything obviously untoward, she has been given some pain relief medication and I have been trying my best to keep a closer eye on her. I have my fingers firmly crossed that the problem will resolve itself without the need for more tests but I just have a feeling that this is something which will require further investigation.

Anyway, yesterday morning I set off for work as usual. Both cats had been fed and I'd also put some fresh water out for the pair of them. Boo had gone back outside again and Mog was fast asleep at the top of the stairs. It's just where the sun hits the house first thing in the morning, and probably the warmest part of the house throughout the day, so really not the best place for her to be at the moment. Just try telling her that :)

I returned home shortly after 3 o'clock and it's not out of the ordinary for me to not see either of the cats for a while (unless I happen to open the fridge door!), especially at this time of year, so it didn't strike me as being unusual that I didn't see Mog. 

As the evening went on, Boo came in, and then went out again. Still no sign of Mog. I assumed she would have gone outside later in the day and found a cool shady spot beneath the trees for a relaxing sleep. 

By the time I went to bed, I was a little concerned, especially given her recent health issues. Years ago she would have been out for hours at a time, but now that she's reached middle age, she tends not to wander too far from home. I checked in all of her favourite places - the spare bedroom, the cushion on the chair at the far end of the dining room, and under the bed. Nothing.

Cue a restless night for me. I got briefly disturbed by Boo in the early hours, still no sign of Mog. 

Every time I woke momentarily I listened out, but heard nothing. I was hoping for that familiar click of the cat-flap, but sadly it remained silent. I was imagining all sorts of scenarios in my head, none of which had a positive outcome. 

Finally, after a very restless night, she was discovered. Fast asleep in the bath, hidden behind the shower curtain. 
Bother that cat!

J. X