Saturday 10 October 2020

Into Autumn

Autumn days are gathering pace, and now that we're fully immersed into our school and work routine once again, it's reassuring to feel some sense of normalcy. Everyday life, although not completely back to how it was before lockdown, has at least taken on it's usual rhythm for this time of year.

We've experienced some beautiful sunny days and enjoyed some lazy weekends. Hurried early mornings and long walks have, instead, been replaced by leisurely breakfasts and shorter rambles through nearby fields and woodlands. Wearing our wellies, as it's very muddy just now.
Acorns crunch underfoot and the trees are shedding their leaves at an alarming rate, reminding me it won't be long until the clocks go back and the days get even shorter. 

It looks so beautiful in the woods at the moment. The dappled sunlight through the trees shifts in the breeze, making patterns on the ground. Squirrels appear suddenly, scurrying along collecting nuts, before quickly disappearing out of sight again.

Although it is still a little early for us, the farm shop already has their pumpkins on display. Lily quite likes the idea of a white one for a change, but that might just be because they are HUGE. I suspect I will get an orange one as well, just because. 🎃🎃🎃
Whilst we were there we bought some decorative gourds. I have them on the mantel along with some conkers I collected when I was out running this week. Without any pockets, I needed to keep them in my hand for the final stretch home, which wasn't as easy as you might think given that they were really quite large. Lily is very happy with them, however, as is Mog, who despite me having had some new cat toys delivered for her this week, much prefers to chase conkers around the hallway. But please don't worry, she never attempts to eat them.

In the kitchen there's a definite comfort food vibe going on. I love this time of year for cooking up nourishing tasty meals and I've been making some of my usual go-to dishes along with one or two new-to-me recipes which I'm sure will become firm favourites. 
In two weeks time we will have begun our half-term break, then we will be slowly heading towards the end of the year, but before then I am looking forward to enjoying some glorious autumn colour and indulging in kicking through some crisp fallen leaves. 🍂🍂🍂

J. X