Friday 6 April 2018

Spring Sunshine

Spring finally arrived up North, except instead of with a flourish, it has shown up rather reluctantly and dragging it's heels. Still, the daffodils are out, wild garlic is sprouting in the woods, the fields are full of lambs, and yes, there has also been sunshine! There is still a chill in the air, especially early in the mornings and I have yet to put away my Winter woollies, but I am hopeful it won't be long before I do.
School finished last week, although between us, Lily and I missed most of the final week of term thanks to the flu and it has taken until now to feel anything remotely human like again. Even so, I'm still left with a dreadful cough which is showing no signs of easing, thankfully, Lily bounced back much quicker and is already her usual energetic self once again.

As you can imagine I have been left feeling like a wiped out wreck, so even more than usual it has made me feel so grateful when I have been able to get out in the sunshine. 'Clear away the germs, fresh air is good for you' I always think, yet on occasion I have really struggled, my immune system clearly having already taken a battering from the Norovirus just a few weeks ago. The warmth from the sun is just the tonic and  fortunately there is usually somewhere to sit, rest a while and enjoy the view, even swing your legs if the mood takes (and it usually does). I also couldn't help but be cheered when Lily excitedly found this heart shaped stone on the edge of the pathway.

The forecast today is for more sunshine so we are hoping to get out once again. I'm also looking forward to getting to work on the garden  which has been much neglected over the Winter months and is crying out for some TLC. In all honesty, it looks a bit of a mess, but I'm hoping a fresh coat of paint on the shed and a few new plants will help to brighten things up a bit. With being poorly last week, I missed out on a perfect opportunity to give the grass it's first cut of the season so I am hoping it will stay dry today and it might be achievable. Until recently the weather has been too chilly to think about planting seeds but looking back on the blog I noticed it was this week last year that we did some sowing. With the lovely weather we're having just now I'll have to get a move on.
J. X