Sunday 4 July 2021

Early Summer

Hurray! Summer has arrived. Bright, sunny mornings see me waking far earlier than I would like, but a steady, unhurried start to my day is much more enjoyable than the need to rush around. Washing is pegged out on the line, birds are fed (I've discovered mealworms are a huge hit), and oh, how satisfying it feels to help myself to fresh strawberries from the garden to enjoy with some yoghurt for my breakfast. And all this is before 7.30a.m. at which time I set off on my bike to ride into work. 

Even that feels like a joy at this time of  year. The lanes are quiet, the calves in the fields are just beginning to stir, and the warm, early morning air is filled with the sweetest of smells. As I ride along I breathe in the delicious scents of the Elderflower, Honeysuckle and Meadowsweet which line the roadsides. 

Lately, weekdays have been quite busy, so I have eased off at the weekends a little more than usual. That said, I still need to get out, and much like a dog, I need to be walked regularly :) So, last weekend we took a gentle stroll up Gummers How. A much loved little fell on the southern shores of Windermere. We like to walk here every now and again, as it's an easy, short walk up direct from the car park and  the views across the lake are stunning. 

The wildflowers in the garden had been flattened by the heavy rain showers, but they soon straightened up again when the sun re-appeared. There are several new varieties which are yet to open up, and I never knew you could get white Cornflowers, so it came as a shock to see one all on it's own, in amongst the blue and purple ones. 

During the week, we finally had the opportunity to go swimming in a pool once again and it felt amazing. The sun was shining, the water was lovely and warm and Lily had a grin on her face the entire time we were in the pool. I've promised that I will book for us to go again very soon. 

The next day, I had planned a visit to Ullswater for some paddle boarding and swimming, after which there would be sausages cooked on the camping stove followed by some hot chocolate. It was warm, sunny evening and a lovely time was being enjoyed, then I realised I had forgotten the sausages! I am seriously not very good when it comes to utilising this particular camping stove, as I have previously been known to forget the gas cannisters! Never mind. A hot chocolate would be good until we arrived back home. But guess who forgot the mugs! I was so cross with myself, until, eventually, I came up with a plan. We could drive on towards Keswick, call at the supermarket for some sausages and cook them by Derwentwater instead. 
Fortunately, I was in need of some more camping mugs, so it wasn't money wasted, and by this time a pack of chocolate Brownies may have also made their way into my shopping basket. I now had everything I needed but the car park machine by the lake had other ideas. I needed to wait twenty minutes, until 7p.m. to pay to park for the evening! By this time I was getting more than a little cross at myself until another visitor, who was also waiting, told me that Max the Miracle Dog and his owner, Kerry were over the road, in Hope Park. They were having a short meet and greet before the unveiling of a bronze statue of Max, which was taking place the following afternoon. Needless to say, I was very excited at this and, once I had paid to park, I can't tell you how great it was to chat with Kerry and stroke the dogs I have read so much about. They are just so gorgeous, and very friendly, happy dogs. I would have happily stayed there all evening but I had sausages to cook.

A little way along the shore we found a quiet spot to set up the stove and, I have to say, the sausages tasted delicious and were well worth the wait. The hot chocolate and brownies were pretty good as well.

As it happened, my forgetfulness worked out rather well for me in the end.


I thought you might like to see the new mugs.

J. X