Monday 6 December 2021

Bringing Home the Tree


This year, we didn't have very far to travel at all to get our tree, as it has spent the last twelve months quite happily in the garden. I've been keeping it in the pot for now, making sure to keep it well watered during the summer months but I expect I will plant it out properly some time in the new year.

My personal preference is for a real tree. For several years, when Lily was very small, and for the first Christmas after we got Mog, we used an artificial tree, but for me it just wasn't quite the same. I love the irregularity of a real tree, the imperfections, the scent and yes, even the needles which always get absolutely everywhere. has to still be growing. With roots. In a pot. 

When I see cut trees, it makes me sad. I know, I know. This probably makes me sound a little bit weird to most people, but it's just how I feel. 

Anyway, with the forecast looking a bit damp for the next few days and Lily intent on decorating the tree on the 8th this year (because that is how old she is, of course!) this evening, after school, between us we carefully carried the tree into the porch to give enough time for the branches to dry out. It is looking surprisingly fresh and even survived being blown over in the recent storm. But regardless, I think most trees look pretty once adorned with fairy lights and some favourite decorations. 

Being a little impatient, we made a start by decorating the small tree instead. This one was looking a little sparse by comparison, but with the addition of a small string of lights and a few simple star decorations (I still need to find the little bells), it is beginning to look lovely and festive. 

J. X