Friday 29 December 2023

Winter Sun


I had quite a surprise this morning. On noticing a bright light appear on my bedroom wall, I was initially aghast at the thought of someone shining some sort of light through my window. Yes, I'm being completely serious. On second glance I realised it was actually the sun! Having seen so very little of it lately, I suppose my first reaction wasn't totally absurd.

It's been a day of restoring some balance to our home. And that included a trip to the supermarket for a regular food shop, which was very much needed. The decorations remain but I've triggered a return to our normal routine, which even included our usual Friday night pizzas :) 

This afternoon, we swapped our slippers for wellies, and made the most of the dry weather by getting out for a walk in the woods. There was quite a chill in the air, which was unexpected. Although grateful for my scarf, I had forgotten to bring my gloves along with me, and so I tucked my hands deep into my pockets to keep warm. Away from other distractions, we talked about friends and family, of loss and of our hopes for the year ahead. Thankfully any rain held off, while we were out, but the sun kept hiding behind the clouds. After several days cooped up indoors, it felt so good to breathe in the cool fresh air, even if our walking was hindered by the thick, squelchy mud beneath our feet. 

In places, the puddles completely covered our path, clearly showing just how wet it's been recently. The reflections were pretty though. 

The stark silhouettes of the trees against a bleak wintry sky is always a beautiful sight at this time of year. 

No walk would be complete without some sort of a treat along the way. Lily finished what was left of her chocolate Santa, while I tried just a few of the many shortbread biscuits that I'd been gifted this Christmas. Not quite the same as homemade, but delicious all the same. And, rather conveniently, pocket sized.

This evening, I've finally begun crocheting an earwarmer headband that I've been intending to make for ages now. I'd forgotten how relaxing crochet can be, especially when the pattern is something so straightforward. It's working up quite quickly, so I should have it finished at the weekend. 

J. X