Thursday 3 December 2020

Shopping and Snow


I didn't have the best night's sleep. Being woken at 3.30 by Mog miaowing loudly in my face did not help matters. I'm not sure why she did this, other than perhaps to protest at the fact it was raining and she wanted to go out, or maybe she was getting her revenge at me having recently put her on a diet. Last week she had a appointment with the vets for her annual vaccination and although she is in very good health, she is a little bit heavier than we would like, so now I am trying to address this. I hope she doesn't disturb me tonight.

This morning, in an attempt to finish off my Christmas present shopping, I took a trip into town. Heading in nice and early meant it was lovely and quiet. I had my list and knew exactly which shops I needed to go to in order to get everything I wanted. If I had any time left I also wanted to call in at The Works to get myself an easy read Christmas novel and to the florists for some fresh stems of eucalyptus.

The weather was cold and wet and really not ideal for trailing around the shops, but it wasn't long before the rain turned to sleet and I busied myself getting what I needed from my list and wishing I'd had the sense to wear my gloves. 

Recently, Lily has been pleading with me to get her a snow globe. Now, she really isn't a child who for asks for much at anytime, so in this instance I am more than  happy to oblige and I have managed to find a really lovely one, quite inexpensively, from TK Maxx. I had seen a gorgeous, much dearer one at a local independent store, but I want Lily to be able to enjoy it and not have the worry of it getting broken. This was originally intended to be given to her on Christmas Day but, as it would be a shame for her not to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible, I think I might just surprise her with it at the weekend. It really is very pretty and even plays a tune.

By the time I left the store the sleet had turned into snow and I can't tell you just how lovely it felt to now be getting my Christmas shopping with snowflakes landing on my hair. Doesn't that only happen in Hallmark films? I really wanted to take  a picture and  I know it's not the best of photographs but I tried to capture it as best I could. The last stop was the florists and here I had the added excitement of being greeted by the owners new puppy, a gorgeous little spaniel. Only eleven weeks old, he's absolutely adorable and I might find myself needing to buy fresh flowers from there more often : )

It should have been my last stop but on the way back to the car I just had to call in at Greggs for a Festive Bake and some mince pies. Now it really does feel like Christmas. 

J. X