Sunday 5 December 2021

Later than Planned


This morning we set out to complete the walk I had originally planned for last weekend. It was a cold bright start to the day and I was looking forward to spending even just a short time up on the fells. 

Setting off from the village our route passed alongside a stream. The water looked incredibly clear but I imagine it would have been icy cold.

Climbing higher, we could see snow on the mountains in the distance.

The wind picked up a little at this point but unsurprisingly this Herdy didn't appear to be concerned. I could use a warm jumper like that. 

Climbing higher still, the ground beneath our feet became wintry and we pulled our scarves right up to protect  from the icy chill. The freezing winds occasionally blowing snow across the fellside and making our faces glow. We didn't stay for long at the summit, just enough to be able to take in the views. 

And for me to exact my revenge...

J. X