Tuesday 15 August 2023



I've received several lovely messages asking after Mog, so I just thought I would pop on with a quick update.

Early yesterday morning, I dropped Mog off at the vets for an x-ray. She hadn't had anything to eat since the night before - didn't she let me know about it! - and could only have water to drink until the time of her appointment. A nurse went through the details with me and double checked that all her information was up to date, and then I had to leave. It is definitely reassuring that all my pets have been registered with this clinic over the years, and I know they offer excellent care.

That said, it still felt like a long day, whilst  waiting for the phone call to say she was ready to collect. A house can feel very quiet and empty all of a sudden when there is no one pestering me for food and no need to step over anyone on the way to the bathroom :) Drowsy she may have been, but there was certainly nothing wrong with her appetite, as even though she had eaten a small meal following the procedure, she soon polished off a bowlful of turkey and then went upstairs to sleep it off. 

I thought there might be a problem that she would need to be kept indoors for the next 24 hours. It would mean keeping the cat flap locked (not easy with two cats) and I know she doesn't like to use the litter box. I decided to take a chance and leave it open, and Mog, being such a good girl, didn't go out anyway and I noticed she must have used the litter box just this once. I got up at 5am this morning just to check on her, and she was already waiting for her breakfast.

Having been heavily sedated, she still appears to be quite drowsy, even now, but she's definitely glad to be home again. Regarding her niggling issue, we are still non the wiser as to the cause. But what we do know is that the x-ray didn't show up anything of concern, which as you can imagine is a huge relief.

And as for the withering glares which are still being cast in my direction, I'm sure they will ease off eventually. A small price to pay for my peace of mind. 

J. X